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Mavic Enduro Crossmax - Wheel & Tyre System

Hot off the press, here is some info on the all new Mavic Enduro Crossmax wheel and tyre combo!! We all know Mavic make some of the best wheels for both MTB and Road, and now they have come up trumps with this brand new wheelset for Enduro riding/racing. We can't wait to get our grubby paws on some, until then though, here's a recent article on them from Dirt Mag.....
Mavic have been making wheels for what seems an eternity, they’ve been around since 1889, developing their first MTB rim in 1985, and they’ve become one of the largest MTB wheel companies in the world. With all that experience gained they’ve finally decided to branch out and new for 2013/14 they give us the Enduro Crossmax – Wheel Tire System. Yes that’s right, not only are Mavic making wheels they have branched out into tyres too! This ‘system’ (as in the wheel and tyre) has been specifically designed for enduro racing and they’ve had great feedback from enduro racers Jerome Clementz and Anne-Caroline Chausson, who…

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