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Cube Stereo Super HPC 160 SL 650B

Well, it's arrived, our first 650B bike, and it's in the form of the new Cube Stereo Super HPC 160 SL 650B....... bit of a mouthful we agree, but a beauty it is! If you want to climb like a 29er and descend like a 26er, this is the no fuss way of doing it, and oh what style to do it in....... For the full tech spec, have a look in our ONLINE SHOP   Here's a few words from Michael Prell, one of Cubes R&D boffins, we guess he knows his onions about these things!! A new topic for 2013 is the wheel size 650B. How is CUBE’s approach to this? 650B means a whole new dimension for mountain biking – literally. The advantages of both known wheel sizes are combined: higher speed and better rolling over bumps while delivering more travel and still showing an agile geometry. CUBE developed a mountain bike concept for the slightly bigger wheels and more than 140mm of travel with the character of a perfect trail bike: welcome to our STEREO SHPC 160. The