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Fox Fork Recall - Evolution Series 2013 specific models only

Model Year 2013 32 & 34 Evolution Series Voluntary Recall   FOX has initiated a voluntary recall of certain model year 2013 32 and 34 Evolution Series forks manufactured between March 1, 2012 and November 30, 2012. Consumers should stop using the recalled product immediately unless otherwise instructed. The full details of the recall can be found in the following press release. Name of Product:  Specified FOX Model year 2013, 32 and 34 Evolution Series Forks having 120-160mm of travel Units:  about 40,000 units total worldwide, of which about 12,500 were sold in the U.S. and Canada. Manufacturer:  Fox Factory of Scotts Valley, CA Hazard:  The fork damper cylinder / piston assembly in some of these units may separate andallow the fork to over-extend under certain circumstances, possibly causing the front wheel to detach from the bicycle while in use, creating a fall hazard. Incidents/Injuries  FOX has received 1 report of an incident in which a broken

GoPro Hero3 Wins T3 Gadget Awards..... just as the Hero3+ arrives in the shop.

The amazing GoPro Hero3 has just won the prestigious T3 Gadget awards, and there's now a nice version available in store - the Hero3+ BUY HERE What they said about the award winning Hero3:- 4K shooting skills from a camera the size of a matchbox with remote control and a dedicated app for directing multiple cameras. Spielberg would have killed for one of these in the seventies. GoPro is a company so laid back, it’s stoned to the mainframe of its Californian core. Set up by surfers selling shells from a shack to finance the very first wrist camera for surfers, the world of GoPro has now been adopted by professional broadcasters and every sport known to man. Hero 3 boasts 12 megapixel burst shots alongside a 4K shooting mode as well as 1080p HD at 60fps. The tough build is joined by an optional screen and an app which controls linked cameras for cinematic set ups and gives a live preview. Audio has been upgraded to capture speech and several different casings