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UK Gravity Enduro Round 3 - Afan Twelve50 Bikes Race Team Report

With weather and scenes surpassing last year’s round 3 at Hamsterley Forest, the Twelve50 Bikes Race Team headed south to Afan for this year’s third round of the UKGE race series. Al’s injured knee kept him side-lined once more and due to his operation earlier in the year, Rick had no entry and stayed behind to run the shop. Thankfully Rick did tune in and provide constructive criticism via Facebook once the dust had settled. And what dust there was    The weekend set up begins  Matt And Josh Scoping Lines  Having raced at Afan in sub-zero temperatures in last year’s series, the preconceptions were settled weeks before we arrived. This was going to be a pedal-y, dull, physical and to be honest, tedious affair compared to the white knuckle ride of Inners last month. To be clear; it was pedal-y, and man alive was it physical. This was a big loop in the baking sun. Dull and tedious it was not. The trail centre hard pack was packed HARD

UK Gravity Enduro Round 2 - Innerleithan. Twelve50 Bikes Race Report. UKGE

2014 UKGE Round 2. Innerleithen, Scotland 8:55. Excellent, time to fit in a brew before Ross arrives to load the van. Matt’s at the shop early to swap his Maxxis tyres. Weather forecast’s looking grim, go for the Minion mate. Get that Ardent Race outta there. Packed and rolling, round two here we come. Apparently Russ and Co arrived yesterday and set the pits up, all Ross and I need to do today is turn up and ride bikes. In the mean time, the traffics flowing nicely so lets kick back, tune in to Radio Two and get up to speed with the local election results. Rock and roll baby. 13:30. Twelve50 towers is standing proud but looking quiet as we roll in to the arena. Time to relax and realign my life with pushbikes for another weekend of racing. The usual friendly faces are floating around, busying themselves setting up gazebos and living quarters for the next three days. The cogs of the UKGE machine, quiet since Ae last month, are whirring back to life.  No pts are co