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Treausre Hunt Grand Finale CLUE......

TREASURE HUNT GRAND FINALE...... Here's your clue....... Jack & Jill went up the hill to fetch a Pale of water but did they find anything or did they Waste their time? Who knows! From the top they had a Roller Coaster ride back down, good job they were on their bikes as they’d have got Board Walking over all the obstacles. Jack nearly ran over a Badger, and Jill fell off due to her lack of Skills, maybe she should have read one of the signs! It was trip to Hospital that was needed, good job old Tom was there to help them over the old Bridge…… after a Nightmare day on the trails, they were going Ape about what had happened and decided to go back to where they started….. They learned a valuable lesson….. it’s the journey they took and not the destinations they reached…… think about that one…..!! Good luck everyone!! Please.....only one prize per person, it you are in a group that's fine, and we need to see a picture of you at the prize point to get your goodies!! No picture=n

Twelve50 "Christmas Treasure Hunt" GRAND FINALE...... Clues to follow......

Right then, this weeks Treasure Hunt is the final outing, it's the big finale!  And this one one is for the shop locals..... you're going to need your thinking caps on for this one!! And there's not one but FOUR prizes to be won!!!!  Only one prize haul per person so you might want to hunt in packs!! (And no you can't say your Gran/Dog/Hamster went with you!)  Prizes include:- Osprey Viper 10 pack Hope Bottom Bracket Hope Headset NukeProof Warhead Bars Shimano XT Trail Pedals O’Neal Dirt Knee Guards Booicore Changing Robe Urge Dirt O Matic Helmet Lots of T-Shirts and Water Bottles  

Cube Peloton 2012 NOW IN STOCK

This has just landed in the shop..... cracking bike!! And at £679, it's great value for money! The 2012 Cube Peloton is one of the models in this year's Performance-Series which is made up of affordable, quality road racing bikes. Cube Peloton 2012 £679 The Performance-Series has been updated for 2012 using the new frame which was developed in 2011, the bikes now have an abundance of technical highlights and the frame is also double butted for the perfect combination of sporting versatility and excellent quality. Even the entry level road bike gets a nice Carbon Fork for 2012, and SORA has gone 9spd..... very nice! Pop into the shop or chek it out in our ONLINE SHOP now!

New Bikes in stock..... Cube Fritzz Pro, AMS 130 Pro, Stereo Pro.....

It's been a busy time with all the new bikes arriving thick and fast!! Now in stock we have some of the new 2012 Cube Full Suspension beasties..... The Stereo Pro at £1799, the AMS 130 Pro £1699 and the amazing value Fritzz Pro at £2099...... Stereo Pro £1799 AMS 130 Pro £1699 Fritzz Pro £2099 All of these bikes have got an amazing spec for the money and there's something for every trail scenario!! Check them out in our ONLINE SHOP now or pop into the store for a look!  Don't forget, all of our bikes bought in store will come fully assembled and setup to suit you i.e. Suspension Sag, brake lever position etc, and also with 2 free services!!

New MKII Booicores in stock!

We have just taken delivery of the new, improved Booicore MKII. They are now made from a heavier duty fabric making them even more comfortable and durable. But what is a Booicore I hear you ask? It's simple. Protect the family jewels. Don't get mistaken for a dogger. Don't get arrested for showing your little fella off to passers by. Get dry and change wearing your BOOICORE changing towel. They're built to last. They're big. You can wash them (see - mum/girlfriend/maid) at high temperatures like you do those ancient towels in your bathroom. In stock now on our  WEBSHOP  

TEVA Links shoes now in stock!

They've taken a while to get here but we finally have stock of the Teva Links flat pedal shoe in both the Ultraviolet (purple) and Lunar Rock colourway. These are the new super cool and amazingly functional shoe from TEVA. Whether it's street shredding or DH racing, these shoes are certainly at the top of the pile!! And they don't absorb water due to the Ion-Mask technology... Available now on our Webshop priced at a very reasonable £75.99 (rrp £84.99) Legendary Free rider and street shredder Jeff Lenosky was heavily involved in the design of the Links Shoe and presented Teva with all of the issues that he faced on a daily business with his normal riding shoes. Teva researched and developed there new Teva Links Shoe with the goal of dealing with all of the issues that Jeff Lenosky brought to their attention. The Spider365 rubber sole will grip to your pedals in all kind of environments due to the unique sole that interfaces with the design of mountai

Christmas Treasure Hunt - Clue Number 4

Treasure Hunt TICKET NUMBER FOUR.  "What's up Doc? I malone in the Forest of the King, I've just finished a downhill and I need a rest. This oak looks good" Another ace prize.  This time it's a Conti Tyres Rubber Queen 2.2 Tubeless tyre, Endura Stingray glasses, Continental T-shirt, CUBE Bikes - official page water bottles and a Twelve50 Bikes Team Jersey!!  First person to call the shop with the correct "code" wins the booty. If we're closed, leave a message on the answerphone.

Christmas Treasure Hunt - Clue Number 3

Here's the clue for Twelve50 Treasure Hunt TICKET NUMBER THREE complete with a dodgy anagram... "On the edge of the Peaks, Shell is Tin. Stop and admire a big nose, after all, it's all downhill from here" There's a great prize including a pair of the new maxxis High Roller 2 tyres, Endura Stingray glasses, a couple of t-shirts, water bottles and a Smart Lunar light set. The first person to call the shop with the winning "Code" wins! If we are closed, it's first person to leave a message or put the code on FaceBook! Good luck..................

Christmas Treasure Hunt - Clue Number 1

Without further a do, here's CLUE NUMBER ONE... "High on a hill in Derbyshire sits a cross. You may need a ladder to reach it, but you'd be crackers not to try..." Whoever finds the code will win a pair of the ace new TEVA Links shoes, some Endura Superlite waterproof shorts and a pair of Endura Pirhana glasses. Our voucher code will be very well hidden so you will have to have a good rummage around and look under rocks and stuff to find it (We didn't want them blowing away!) Big thanks to Teva and Endura for the prizes......... Get looking folks................... first to call the shop with the correct "Code Word" wins! 01928 898011

Twelve50 "Christmas Treasure Hunt"

Guys/Girls, We have a few treats in store for you in the run up to Christmas. Every weekend until Christmas we are having a TREASURE HUNT, giving you the chance to "Find" some great stuff!! We will release a pair of clues each Friday evening for two "Prize Stashes" hidden around the North West. There will be no further clues, all you need to know is that the "Clue" will be relevent to a trail spot in areas like the Peak District, Welsh Trails and Local Forestry areas. Once you have figured out the riddle/clue, you have to get out there and find a "Twelve50 flyer". It will be well hidden (i.e. under/behind objects) in a clear "Seally Bag" to stop it getting wet! There will be a code on the flyer, and first person to collect the flyer and call the shop with the "Code" wins, nice and simple!! For clues and more info, take a look at our FACEBOOK page, this is where we will publish clues!! There are no second places or runner

GRIT Scooters back in stock. Mayhem & Elite 2012 NOW IN STOCK

Fancy some two wheel fun of a different kind? Then grab one of these scooters!! These are top of the pile when it comes to bomb proof trick scooters!! We now have in stock the Mayhem 2 and the Elite 2.  They are available for immeditate shipping in our ONLINE SHOP , so get a move on for Christmas deliveries!! FREE SHIPPING Heres a few pictures for you.... Elite 2 £129.99.... with FREE SHIPPING   Mayhem 2 £149.99 with FREE SHIPPING