Jumpers For Goal Posts - Old Pale Enduro Round 2

There's a lot of chatter in magazines and in the DH scene about "Grass Roots DH Racing" old style push up to the top and race back down against the clock type of thing....

Our version is more "Jumpers for goal posts" mates racing, and it's getting a good following!!

With no entry fee and arranged using good old FaceBook, we basically get a load of mates (And some new faces) into a bit of a bragging rights race, whereby the winner takes home a big smug face full of "I beat you all" and a comedy prize bought in the local charity shop!
This time, everyone was racing for the Rabbit Clock......

With defending winner from Round 1 - Matt Steadman out of the running (Wedding plans and stuff) he was taking photo's (And writing the Blog!)

With folk starting to appear, the format and rules were given out.......... 
basically, ride to the top, start at your allotted start time, raz down the course and our timing team (Dave's Mum & Dad) recorded times. Then you have just enough time to get back to top for your next start time, and then down the other track! Repeat this twice and we have a 4 stage Mini Enduro race!!

As people started to arrive at the top (Nine for the race!) It was time for the photo monkey to get down the course for the action!!

First rider down was Rick, looking nice and smooth on his brand new, freshly built Yeti SB66, could this be the winning steed of the evening?? Second down was Ryan who was gunning for the old boys. We reckon he must be getting fed up being beaten the old codgers of Twelve50 Bikes, and seen as he's on the race team, had a point to prove! Fast and smooth was the style as he motored past! Next up was Ian, another Twelve50 rider, and keen to test the new E13 chain device that was fresh on the bike! Joe was next and roosted a load of dirt all over me with a big skid (Nice Styleeeee) 
As the rest of the field negotiated the tricky corner I was on, there was a lot of gears crunching and people cursing the idiot with the flash..... stop moaning and keep riding I say!! Last man down was John, still ripping it up on his single speed full rigid machine.....

After a quick run back up the hill and onto the second stage it was Rick who was first down again, and looking keen to keep the whipper snapper at bay...... 
With only a 30 second interval, it wasn't long before the rest came flying through, and everyone looked like they were giving it some gas...........
A quick trip to the bottom to get some shots of the merry racers plugging their way back up to the top......
Whilst checking the results with the timekeepers I happened to stumble upon an abandoned box of beers, who could have left such a thing in a field?? Better sample one I thought...... Time for stage 3, a repeat of stage one! 
I would appear that some people were missing their bikes, and decided to have a go at running the stage, maybe that was me just being stupid though......

Lights were well and truly on for this stage and the glare was heading down the hill from Rick, who now had a bit of lead on the rest of the field, much to Ryans dismay (Someone mentioned a teddy on the floor whatever that means?)

As the riders passed the photo point, it was clear to see people were getting a bit weary and legs were getting tired! Only one more stage after this though, all to play for at the top of the table!!!
With the top three looking solid for now, it was a bit of a battle for the "Best of the rest" between Joe and Dave.
Stage 4 was again a repeat of Stage 2, finishing on the grassy hillside in a mini slalom course..... darkness made the gates very hard to see, and especially at speed!
Rick and Ryan were first through looking fast and smooth, then came the "Machine" Ian. A loud thrapping noise echoed down the hill as he caught a gate with his shoulder and sprinted for the finish, and taking some air for good measure.

The last gate proved just too tricky for some, and it was Gary who fell at the last hurdle, or slid at the last gate, taking a nice tumble towards the finish line...... luckily nothing more than a bruised ego we think!!

As the butties and beers came out, the time keepers totted up the valuable seconds on everyones times, Ian had to take a 5 second penalty on a stage for cutting a gate...... but it still wouldn't have been enough for the win though.

In first place was Rick showing that the old Twelve50 riders are still top of the pile..... Ryan was in second place after a very close battle, even had an equal time with Rick on Stage 1. And in third was Ian with a still functioning chain device!!

All in all, a cracking night riding dusty trails with mates, followed by beers and butties!! The question was asked and the cheesy answer replied............"So who was the winner tonight?"....... "The real winner was mountain biking"
And on that stupid thought, get out and have a laugh on your bikes people!!! Until the next one..............



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