Treausre Hunt Grand Finale CLUE......

TREASURE HUNT GRAND FINALE...... Here's your clue.......

Jack & Jill went up the hill to fetch a Pale of water but did they find anything or did they Waste their time? Who knows! From the top they had a Roller Coaster ride back down, good job they were on their bikes as they’d have got Board Walking over all the obstacles.
Jack nearly ran over a Badger, and Jill fell off due to her lack of Skills, maybe she should have read one of the signs!
It was trip to Hospital that was needed, good job old Tom was there to help them over the old Bridge…… after a Nightmare day on the trails, they were going Ape about what had happened and decided to go back to where they started…..
They learned a valuable lesson….. it’s the journey they took and not the destinations they reached…… think about that one…..!!

Good luck everyone!! Please.....only one prize per person, it you are in a group that's fine, and we need to see a picture of you at the prize point to get your goodies!! No picture=no prizes......


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