Mavic Wheels & Clothing now in stock

We recently took on another amazing brand, and that is MAVIC!!

Extremely well known for their amazing wheels and rims, and now getting a strong foot hold in the clothing market.
We keep in stock a good selection of both MTB and Road Wheels, which as a dealer, we can also offer the amazing MP3 program (More about that below)
We also carry in stock a range of MTB and Road helmets, Shoes and Road Clothing.
Mavic clothing and shoes are a really really excellent quality and the price is very reasonable too.
To view our full range of Mavic please visit our website HERE

As a Mavic dealer, we can also offer you the amazing Mavic MP3 program (No it's not a music download!) 
What this is MP3 insurance all about?? Here's Mavic to explain for you...

Mavic Mp3 Crash Damage Protection Plan
With the MP3 ‘crash replacement’ programme your Mavic product is covered for any accident, fall, or damage for 2 years!

How does it work?
When you purchase your new Mavic wheels or a new bike equipped with Mavic wheels make sure you choose the MP3 option. Your retailer will give you a card with all the necessary information for you to register on line.
Your registration must be completed online at within 5 days of your purchase. Payment for your MP3 programme must be made on line at the same time as your registration.

The price is only 8% of the recommended retail cost of the wheel or wheels or bike: Example, wheel price £200 Mp3 Protection would only cost £16 which im sure you will agree is fantastic value for two years peace of mind.
MP3 pricelist is available on the internet on and on request to every Mavic® dealer in countries where this warranty is available


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