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Jumpers For Goal Posts - Old Pale Enduro Round 2

There's a lot of chatter in magazines and in the DH scene about "Grass Roots DH Racing" old style push up to the top and race back down against the clock type of thing.... Our version is more "Jumpers for goal posts" mates racing, and it's getting a good following!! With no entry fee and arranged using good old FaceBook, we basically get a load of mates (And some new faces) into a bit of a bragging rights race, whereby the winner takes home a big smug face full of "I beat you all" and a comedy prize bought in the local charity shop! This time, everyone was racing for the Rabbit Clock...... With defending winner from Round 1 - Matt Steadman out of the running (Wedding plans and stuff) he was taking photo's (And writing the Blog!) With folk starting to appear, the format and rules were given out..........  basically, ride to the top, start at your allotted start time, raz down the course and our timing team (Dave's Mum & Dad) recorded

UK Gravity Enduro Round 1 - Innerleithan...... We came, we raced, we had a great time!!!

Gravity Enduro is one of the newest forms of MTB racing, and suits all kinds of riders, from the super fit XC whippets to the retired DH racers! It really is an amazing new variation of our brilliant sport. Where do I start.... Well I guess at the shop really!! With a full weekend of racing ahead at the UK Gravity Enduro Series for the team, the van and all the spare parts, tools and kit needed to be organised..... That killed half a day! By Friday night we were all up in Scotland, Russ and Ryan were up there early and had the Job of setting up the race pits, and a great job they did too (Although we need some more heavy duty pegs now!) And big thanks to the burger stall guy for letting us plug into their generator for the power for the flood lights!! After a quick unpack and a late night feed in our uber cool Eco House Tantah Croft  it was off to bed for a good kip! Saturday..... Practice and qualifying! Up early - 06:00 and at the pits for 08:00 and raring to go, quick pose f

Giro Shoes now in stock. Road and MTB.....

Great news! We are now stocking the amazing Giro shoes! We have an offering for both Road and MTB. On the road we have the TREBLE and the APECKX . And for MTB we have the CARBIDE . Giro have long been top of the heap in the helmet world, and now they are taking on the cycling shoe market.... they're doing a great job too!! Giro Treble Road Shoe Giro Apeckx Road Shoe Giro Carbide MTB Shoe They are offering top level shoes even at the entry level and of the range, and at modest prices! We have got a bit of a 15% off RRP deal on our shoes in the webshop so why not check them out here ONLINE SHOP