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Twelve50 Bikes Race Team: Final Round UK Gravity Enduro at Dyfi..... Race Report

2014 UKGE Round 5. Grisedale Forest, Lake District The curtain falls on another spectacular season of enduro racing. The fifth and final round of the UK Gravity Enduro series took place on the weekend of the 6th and 7th of September. It might have been a combination of the weather, end of season emotions running high, over consumption of alcohol or just straight up rad trails but round five seemed the best of the year to me. Read on to find out what went down. The venue was untested at any previous UK Gravity Enduro but didn’t disappoint. Located at the Forestry Centre at Grisedale, we had a handful of facilities on offer, including clean toilets that meant the portaloo gauntlet didn’t have to be run with a hangover on Monday morning. The five stages we were treated to had been prepared by a grand old bunch of volunteers in the weeks leading up to the event. Fine weather most of the weekend meant the newest additions to the trail network held strong and didn’t turn in to a