Lapierre Ei shock on the Zesty, Spicy, X-Flow and XR

Sooooo......... you've all the heard the rumour about the revolutionary new Ei shock that has been developed by RockShox and Lapierre, well here's some info all about it.......

Lapierre and RockShox launch revolutionary electronic shock system called e:i shock

Lapierre proudly unveiled their revolutionary new technology the e:i shock system built with the RockShox Monarch RT3 Relay Shock and based on the 2013 Monarch RT3 damper. The intelligent system (e:i = electronic intelligence), allows the rider to always have optimal rear shock adjustment regardless of the terrain.

Using accelerometers on the fork leg and stem cap to measure bump force and  cadence sensors in the bottom bracket to gauge pedaling input, information is passed to the stem-mounted computer. Powered by a rechargeable battery, a small electric motor mounted on the damper accurately adjusts the compression settings to find the optimal position. This entire process takes .01 seconds between the sensors registering bump movement and cadence, to adjustment of the rear shock. In addition, the system offers 4 adjustable modes and 5 sensitivity options.

Auto mode setting logic :
  • Pedaling + No shock = Blocked (locked)
  • Pedaling + light hits = Platform (medium)
  • Pedaling + Big hits = Open
  • No pedaling = Open

It's still possible to control your rear shock manually. There are 4 program modes: 
1/ Fully automatic (5 levels of sensitivity)
2/ Open
3/ Platform
4/ Blocked

The whole system only weighs 350 grams. Battery running time is 25 hours.
Lapierre's 2013 range will offer 10 models with e:i technology (XR 29, Zesty and Spicy)

Well I guess that's all the info we can give you at the moment. We have seen this in the flesh and it all seems to work as promised. 

With a 0.1ms response time this system has the promise to do what no other has managed so far!
We will definately be having a demo on one ASAP so we will write a BLOG when we have!!


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